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We have opened a new poll to get your opinion about the new feature “Scores in a logger”. The poll will be closed on Oct 31st.

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Would you like to have "Scores in a logger" option in your logger?

5 Replies to ““Scores in a logger” option poll”

  1. If you mean adding live scoring info into n1mm I still think there will be a large portion of users who don’t want to have their score sent to the server just as it is now. Another thing that could be a problem with some operators like me is I have no screen room in n1mm now as it is. I am so2r so my screen real estate is pretty full already. It would be nice if every n1mm user had their score sent to the server but I know that will not be favorable to some so it will be just like it is now, a select few scores are there for viewing.

  2. I don’t know why it should be necessary to implement this as part of each logging program. Why not do it as a function of the score server? N1MM+ sends the reporting station’s score as a part of each real-time score report. Why not just ask all logging program authors to include that information in their reports to contestonlinescore.com, and do the manipulation to produce a ranking display at the server?

    73, Pete N4ZR

  3. In UcxLog we have a feature where we compete against our selves.
    So I make a new log for CQWW and then I open my log from last year in a compare window where I do get o realtime compare. In that way I really compete against my self to do better.

    What you suggest is to put your website into the program, and follow the other competitors as I can do now in a browser.
    But I cannot see the benefits of putting the list inside the logger program.

    1. I do the same using Athena with N1MM+
      For comparing how I’m doing with respect to others I use the scores reporting function in MM+ I wish more people would do that as it would make it more interesting.

      Building this functionality into MM+ would create more work for the MM+ crew. I think they have more than enough already.

      73, Jim VE7FO

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