We all love HAM Radio and contesting. Great thanks to everyone who helped us to have this project up and keep running:

  • Gerry, W1VE
  • Yuri, VE3DZ
  • Tom, N1MM
  • Wayne, W5XD
  • Laurent, F6FVY
  • Martin, OK1RR
  • Chris 9A5K (SK)
  • Paolo, IK3QAR,
  • Ben, DL7UCX
  • Scott, N3FJP
  • Bruce, WA7BNM
  • Tom, DL2RUM
  • Danilo Lara, XQ4CW
  • Miguel,  EA4BAS

And many others who kindly helped us with feedback, suggestions and donations:

  • Claude, VE2FK
  • Mats, RM2D/SM6LRR
  • Ken, K6MR
  • Rudy, N2WQ
  • Keith, W3KB
  • Oleg, US7UX
  • Bob, K5WA
  • Kevin, K6TD
  • Pat, W3RGA
  • Larry,  NN5O
  • Guy, VE2BWL
  • Pat, W3RGA
  • Kevan, N4XL
  • Peter, KU2C
  • Gregory, W1KM

We are open to any suggestions and ideas since we are HAM Radio community project driving by community and for the community!

73! de Contest Online ScoreBoard team