About us

We’d like to provide a really open HAM community trusted Contest Online Score Board server with the following policies:

– International Team of HAMs based in North America

– Following  HAM community wishes. Adding, removing new features, options, technologies etc.

– Providing service not only for major contests but for small local communities’ events as well

– 100% online reliable service. The score board server environment designed to be ready for  needed we can assign few dedicated servers in a cluster for the project)

Technical features:

True 3830 style categories boards. All the scores splitted by the 3830 categories: Single Op HP, Single Op LP, Single Op HP(A) etc.

Server side scripts are  “light” as much as possible providing fast upload and online score publishing web services

Simple as possible online score result table with an optimized minimal number of tools

Serving multiple contests simultaneously. ( for example AA DX CW Contest, Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest, Stew Perry Topband Challenge and some other contests in the same time).

User defined contests. Every user could create a new contest and to invite friends to run kind of “small village” mini contests. (This feature is planned for a next release)

Private rooms.  Imagine if some local club guys want to run a team competition in a contest and their members are going to upload score but they wish to limit access to their scores only to group members having some kind of access key – PIN number.

The COSB team:

Victor,  VA2WA.

Alex,  K2BB

Randy,  K5ZD