CWOps Mini-CWT latest policy updates

We are constantly working on improving of our service. After receiving feedback from our users we have implemented the following improvements to the CWOps Mini-CWT policy:

  • An automated robotic script cleans up all the three CWT scoreboards  every Wednesday night at 6 UTC. That removes last week results from all the scoreboards.
  • We have increased up to 15 minutes after contest period when a score still  be accepted.  That time should be enough to get all the latest scores from participants’ loggers.
  • One additional check has been added to avoid publishing scores from a previous session.

We also would like to ask you to clean up your logger score before any new CWT session. Your old session scores could cause to be a distraction to others. ))

We would be appreciated for any suggestion or feedback regarding our service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or by leaving your comments in this weblog.

Good luck in CWT!