A new logger supports Online Scoring – RUMLog

We are happy to announce a new logger just started supporting of online scoring – RUMLog for macOS ( https://blog.contestonlinescore.com/documents-configuring-rumlog/ ).

This logger has a nehttps://blog.contestonlinescore.com/documents-configuring-rumlogw unique feature “Score in a logger”. A basic feedback from a scoring server allows logger to publish a user category current standings:

We just started support of that new feature and we still don’t know how popular could that be.  Anyway we are always opened for new ideas and we like experimenting with them. We would be very appreciated to any feedback regarding that new functionality.

Please follow to RUMLog setup instructions at https://blog.contestonlinescore.com/documents-configuring-rumlog/.

2 Replies to “A new logger supports Online Scoring – RUMLog”

  1. Terry,

    The current option is supporting exactly the same functionality as they did. Even we don’t agree with the suggested specification. We’ve implemented it for testing and evaluating purposes. If we’ll see some significant interest we are ready to come up with a similar option but having better functionality and flexibility.


    Victor, VA2WA

  2. Hi,
    Good work. How does this differ/improve cqcontest.net ‘online scores’ please? The unique feature is different from what online scores appears to do how please?

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