Working with callsign aliases

We have designed our score board server to accept a user main call as well as any user’s call aliases. We just improved our scripts to accept ANY combinations of them during authentication.

For example I have the following callsignes registered:

  • VA2WA – the main one.
  • VA2WDQ – an alias
  • VC2A – an alias
  • VC2W – another one alias

So I have my N1MM+ logger credentials configured to post my score by using VA2WA credentials.¬† If I set new contest log with my another call VC2A for WPX I don’t not need to change my credentials with¬† N1MM+ .

Anyway to see INSTANT RATE graphs you have to be logged in the Contest Score Board server with your currently active call. In the above mentioned example I should be logged as VC2A. The password is the same for all calls.

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