Overriding categories

We have implemented few category overriding rules.

  • If a logger sends a mode attribute different comparing to a contest mode it will be overridden by a contest mode value.

For example: If I have mistakenly configured my CQ WW CW log with a MIXED  mode in a header my mode MIXED to be overridden by CW and to be shown  in CW group on the CQ WW CW board

  • If a contest doesn’t have assisted (or unlimited) and non-assisted subcategories all the provided by a logger ASSISTED subcategory value will be replaced by NON-ASSISTED. So the all assisted and non-assisted scores will be in the same group – NON-ASSISTED.

We wish to  consolidate all the users scores in a group in accordance with  a contest organizers definition. Splitting scores by unnecessary sub-groups just makes board visibility worse.

Please leave your comment if you have some other suggestions.