Win-Test Online Score program is supporting Score distribution server

We have updated Win-Test Online Score program to have “Score Distributor” server in the servers list.

Thanks a lot to Alex, K2BB who designed this program.

Win-Test users can download it here:

Documentation how to set it up :


One Reply to “Win-Test Online Score program is supporting Score distribution server”

  1. Hello COSB team
    I can’t seem to connect to the Score Distributor (or to either scoreboard)
    Running WinTest 4.33.0 – Windows 10 PC.
    I have followed the instructions carefully – also checked that firewall, etc is not blocking the software.
    I notice in the config screen that the default SD2 name keeps re-appearing – I am filling in my GM2V callsign and password – these are the same for the 2 online scoreboards.
    Trying to use this in the UK/EI DX CW Contest which start in about 90 mins, so may have to wait until the next contest.
    Thanks for your help – 73 – Chris GM3WOJ / GM2V

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