Sharing contest real time scores between servers (Update of Nov 23)

The score sharing implementation is going well. Yesterday we have configured Contest Online Score board server to forward to the Score Distribution server all the internal postings coming from COSB users directly . The Score Distribution server forwards them to if a particular contest is supported by That means all the score spots published on the will be automatically published on the as well. To finish this phase we just need to do the same. Once that will be done we get a real score cluster everybody is waiting for so much )) That would be no difference which server link is in a logger real score server configuration. Wherever score will be sent they will appear on all board servers in a cluster (if a particular contest is supported by a particular score board).

But we still have some tasks to be done after that. We need to come up with a common solution about user authentication, server replay message unification and some others. We’ll keep you posted.

For the coming this weekend CQ WW CW we still asking you to configure your logger to send your CQ WW real scores to the following URL:

By using this link your score will be published on both score board servers.