CQ WPX CW CW Contest 2019 trophy program

ContestOnlineScore.com is establishing a special award program to encourage the use of scoreboards during international contests. We are currently announcing three plaques that will be available for participants in the CQ WPX CW Contest May 25-26, 2019:

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Single operator Low Power)

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Single operator High Power)

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Multi-operator)

Single operator includes assisted or non-assisted entries.

Multi-operator category includes M/S, M/2 and M/M entries.

There is one requirement for all contenders, They are required to actively contribute their scores to Contest Online Scoreboard sent directly or forwarded over Score Distribution Server during all periods of their contest activity.

The plaques winners will be awarded after official results are published by the contest organizers. Any disqualified entries will not be eligible.

We are looking for plaques sponsors. Your name will be on the plaque!