Carpathian CUP 2019 scoreboard

We’ve been proud to provide scoreboard service to the on-site ham radio competition Carpathian Cup held every year in April.

This year Carpathian Cup was scheduled for April 5-7 with the competition day on April 6. There were two sessions by one hour split by 2 hours intermission brake. The beauty of that event is in a small footprint room it could use for few desks where one desk for one participant:

The maximum transmitting power is limited by 5 watts only. And a 8 watts resistor dummy load should be use as an antenna! If a maximum power will be exceeded – the dummy load will burn out shortly and that participant gets off the competition. That’s the best power monitor I’ve ever seen! ))

This year there were 16 participants from two countries – UR and YO.

Two WRTC guys were among them. Just seven participants were using our scoreboard.

Every session a new callsignes have been assigned from the block of UW34OZUW37OZ.

Every participant gets a new call just few minutes before a new session start.

Everybody could see an own standing on the scoreboard other special calls standings as well.

We have setup the Carpathian Cup scoreboard to hide all the participants personal calls. So nobody can get other special callsignes owners!

Our congratulations to the Carpathian Cup 2019 individual winner YO8TTT and to the Dorna DX Group (YO8TTT, YO8SS) won the club competition!

Welcome to the next year Carpathian CUP! The competition home web site is here