Real Score cluster update. left the cluster

For the past 6 months, the score distributor has been used to distribute live score postings from all participating contesters, regardless of whether they posted directly to the distributor, the Contest Online ScoreBoard (COSB) or Unfortunately, has recently announced that it will no longer share scores that are directly posted to it.

The public announcement of that decision is in the official tweet . As a result, we have no choice but to stop sharing with them direct postings coming to COSB. We are saddened by this and hope they will change their policy in the future.

To ensure that live scores continue to be widely available, please configure your contest logging software to post your score to the score distributor at the following link, rather than to an individual scoreboard:

We also invite anyone interested in establishing a live scoreboard to join our federation of scoreboards. Please contact us for details at .


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Bruce, WA7BNM     distributor server,
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