New COSB version for mobile devices!

We have recently activated new COSB functionality for mobile devices.  The website automatically detects mobile device and switches to a compact mobile page. The mobile version doesn’t have bands breakdown views and have just minimum data. That’s why it’s good enough even for old iPhone small screens!

But we keep all the functionality. All the score output filters work the same way as in the full desktop version. The performance graphs are also available for logged in users:

The following optionsĀ are available from the mobile menu:

We have also made possible to get the new scoreboard mobile page in a desktop browser.

The scoreboard mobile version window takes much smaller space on a screen. If needed return to a full version could be done from the desktop mobile fall down menu :

We hope that would make online scoring monitoring mush more comfortable! As usual we’d like to get some feedback from you. Any comments are highly appreciated. Just use the form below.