Distribution server CQ WW CW testing report

We are glad to report score distribution server testing was successful during the CQ WW CW contest. Just some stats from the last weekend:

1. Distribution server (www.b41h.net)

  • During the 48 hours of the CQWW CW Contest, the score distributor forwarded 72,385 score posts to the scoreboards.
  • That’s an average of one post every 1.2 seconds.
  • The peak rate was 4 in one second.
  • 35 users configured their logger to use the distribution server URL ( http://www.b41h.net/scoredistributor.php )
  • Postings from 90 Contest Online Score users  ( contestonlinescore.com) were forwarded to the distribution server and then were forwarded to the cqcontest.net.

2. cqcontest.net

  • had over 500 active entries on the CQ WW CW board!

3. Contest Online Score Board (contestonlinescore.com )

  • had 125 CQ WW CW entries from active users

We continue using the distribution server as the central piece of a real score cluster. It is running 24/7 serving all the possible contests. This is the best way to send your score and ensures your score will be published on all the available online score boards.

What should you do? It’s easy!

1.  Register an account on both servers:

2. Configure your logger with the following real score server URL:


**** for Win-Test users we have prepared a special program: