CQ WW CW 2019 Highest Online Scoreboard trophy winners

We are glad to publish CQ WW CW 2019 Highest Online Scoreboard winners list:

– Single operator Low Power*: 5B/RN3QO

– Single operator High Power*: TI7W op. KL9A

– Multi operator Any Power*: TK0C ops. S53CC S53F S53MM S53RM S53WW S55OO S57AL S57C S57L S57VW

Single operator Low Power United Kingdom ** : MU2K op. RL5D

* sponsored by ICOM America Inc.

** sponsored by Simon Barnes MI0SAI

Congratulations to winners! The trophy will be sent to winners in few weeks after their postal addresses will be confirmed. We apologize for some possible delays in delivery outside North America due to COVID-19 limitations.