CQ WPX CW 2018 COSB trophy winners preliminary results

The CQ WW WPX is over. So it’s time to announce the three contenders for the top single op and the top multi-op scores on the COSB

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Single operator):

1. KM7W with a score of 12,789,980

2. NW7R with a score of 10,393,912

3. ES5RR with a score of 10,385,024


–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Multi operator):

 1. EC2DX with a score of 18,157,388

2. K9CT with a score of 14,242,236

3. K3LR with a score of 13,794,702

Unfortunately we can’t put HQ9X into the list since they didn’t follow up to the main requirement –  “.. actively contribute their scores to Contest Online Scoreboard during all periods of their contest activity”.


Congratulations! The plaques will be sent to winner after CQ WPX official results publication.