Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Contest Online ScoreBoard!

We are very pleased to announce that this is the one year anniversary of our project! It was on June 24th, 2017 that we first announced ourselves and started the real time scoring service for Ham Radio contesters community! Today, just 12 months later, COSB is completely up and running. We are supporting almost all the known contests and we are doing our very best to change the world by pushing all the contesters around the universe to be online on a scoreboard!

To briefly overview what has been achieved in the last year:

  • Over 2 thousands callsignes in our database
  • Over 250 contests in ourĀ supported contests list
  • We support 10 loggers including all the most popular around the world
  • Establishing a Real Cluster foundation (thanks to Bruce, WA7BNM our partner for his incredible support)
  • Full web design re-developing including new mobile interface (great thanks to Randy, K5ZD for his time and professional skills made that possible)
  • New WinTest Windows utility providing online scoring to multiple scoreboards including distribution server (thanks to Alex, K2BB)
  • and many other new exiting features!

The COSB team