A new feature added : Operator call

We’ve got some suggestions to reflect if a guest operator renting a contest shack as a SINGLE-OP. So we have implemented this feature. Such a station call and a guest operator combination will replace just a contest call  being used for a contest. We provide a combined call where an operator call fillows after a station call and split by the “@’ sign:

The call marked by red color means: Station contest call VA2WA operated by a guest operator VA2WDQ. That’s a style similar to what 3830 web site uses.

If you wish to use this feature please configure operator call for a contest. The most popular logging programs N1MM+ and WinTest (by using our utility)  support this feature.  We’ve found this data is missing in the DXLog. Probably some other logs are missing that feature as well. We have already contacted Chris, 9A5K the owner of DXLog.  So it’s in process now.